Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hodgepodge of pics

Yes, I have several pictures to post so they are going to be all jumbled in here. None of them are great but they are ones I like. One picture has horrid motion blur but I think Daisy looks sweet so I decided not to get rid of it. I think with her red hair and blue eyes, purple is my favorite color on her. Love it!

The first picture is a picture of Ava and Minnie. Ava's parents, Maria and Steve, are good friends of ours that we met when we lived in Washington. They were in Boston visiting Maria's parents so they decided to swing up by our house. It was great seeing them and the kids had a blast together.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Beautiful, Crazy Kids

I think these kids are pretty amazing. They crack me up on a daily basis, especially Lincoln! In one of the pictures you'll notice that Truman looks like a dandelion and that would be from jumping on the trampoline and all the static electricity.

On Minnie's pictures I photoshopped out the dog bite. My poor sweet girl.

So Skinny

I have decided to take pictures of Daisy every month in the same diaper. I have a favorite Goodmama cloth diaper and it's a one size diaper so it should fit her until she potty trains. Anyway, I decided I'd better do her two month picture today and then I compared it to the one month picture (the picture in black and white is the 1 month pic). Look how skinny my girl got in the last month ;o)