Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Very Special Day

Seven years ago today I gave birth to my 4th child....a beautiful baby girl, Minnie Grace.  I was more excited than you can even guess at the prospect of having another girl.  Adria was almost 10 so I hadn't had a baby girl to spoil in quite some time.  She was the most perfect baby-mild mannered, nursed great, slept great, such a pleasant little creature.  Daddy figured out that she loved sitting in her boppy with the massage chair on.  She would sit there with a contented look on her face and watch her surroundings.

Seven years later she is still the happiest and easiest child I have had.  She is literally almost never any trouble.  She's rarely in a bad mood.  She rarely fights with her siblings.  The only time we ever have to get onto her is when she is short on her sleep. Boy, when Minnie is sleep deprived she turns into some kind of alien...definitely not my happy-go-lucky princess ;)  Thankfully, that's a rare occurrence and something we don't have to worry about  much.

She is such a special little girl. Max was diagnosed with autism when she was 1.5 and she had to go on the back burner while we went to every kind of therapy known to man. The focus was not on her, in the least, and you would have never known. After growing up with a brother with autism (that she is only 1 year apart in age ) she now picks other children in her class to befriend that have issues...you know, those kids that others think are "weird" or "strange". Her very best friend is a little autistic boy and I'm so proud that she has the insight at her young age to look inside a person and see what they have to offer instead of judging by outward appearance. I expect great things from her and whatever she does in her adult life I have no doubt that it will be AMAZING.

Happy Birthday, Minnie Grace.  You have blessed my life in more ways than you can ever imagine and I have no doubt you will continue doing so.  It's kind of bittersweet to see you grow up so fast but I do look forward to seeing what a wonderful young woman you will be :)


This is one of the earliest digital images I have of Minnie, Max, and Riley.