Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time Flies

Wow, it's been a while since I've visited my blog. How did that happen? I was so sure I was going to keep current with it this time.

In just a few short days Daisy Faith will be turning one. I can't get over how fast the past year flew by. The fact that my last baby is almost an entire year old astounds me. Really, where was I during that year? I know I didn't spend enough time cherishing the special moments. I'm vowing, as of right now, to really work on taking time to enjoy life..and not always looking forward to the next thing; enjoying the here and now..that's important.

Because I realize we didn't document hardly any of Daisy's first year, I went ahead and ordered Sam a Flip video camera. I'm planning on him having it on pretty much 24/7 to capture all the crazy moments of our lives. Like just yesterday as I was carrying Daisy down the stairs, I slipped on my yoga pant leg, and fell down the entire flight of stairs. That would have been just lovely to have on video tape ;o)

Another thing I've been super lax on is taking pictures of our lives. Yeah, I'm a photographer...but I need to get past the fact that all pictures need to be perfect. I need to just snap away and not worry about creating that "perfect picture". Because of the quest for the perfect picture I just don't pick up the camera some days (totally shameful, I admit).

So, right now....today is Tuesday and I have no cake ordered, nothing planned for the baby, and no present. Her birthday is Saturday! I'd better get on it!!

And...just because I think she's dreamy....

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Anonymous said...

She is so sweet!

I like your blog. Kids are out to play and although I should work, actually, I am here :-)