Monday, June 21, 2010

Excitement Brewing

Well, once again I've neglected my blog. Oops! What can I say? Things are just busy around here in a house with 7 kids.

Summer is officially here today but we still have two more days of school after this one. I'm ready! I'm ready to be able to sleep past 6 am and I'm ready to play with my kids all day long, every day.

We had a nice Father's Day weekend spending time with the awesome Thomas Dad! We didn't do too much but just hung out around the house. We played outside some and played with sidewalk chalk. Daisy seemed to enjoy it!
 She decided she's better taste the chalk..nutty child!!

We're leaving on vacation soon and I'm so excited!  We haven't taken an honest to goodness vacation since we lived in South Carolina and that was three states ago!  It's been a long while.  We'll be going to Florida and the only thing I'm not super excited about is the 22.5 hours in the car...and that's what mapquest says.  You know they aren't planning on someone driving with as many kids as we have ;)  Bathroom breaks are not a quick process and when you factor in that I'm still nursing Daisy...well, that takes some time.

Well, time to switch the laundry...the washer is going non-stop around here trying to get ready to pack.  Happy Summer!

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