Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So...I have ignored my blog for a while now and think it's kind of time to start blogging again.  I have tons to say, as always.

For now, my biggest wish is for the weather here in upstate New York to turn warm.  I'll admit it, I am not a fan of cold weather.  I can't stand freezing.  I also don't love sweating myself to death but right now I need the temperatures to meet in the middle and give me some warmth.  My kids do SO much better when they can get outside and play in the glorious son.  Now, they can't have too much sun as 6 out of the 7 have my casper-like skin...but a little vitamin D is good for all of us.

The kids have been exceptionally unhealthy this winter.  This is really not the norm for us and I'm ready for the sickies to leave us.  Max and Daisy had ear rechecks the day before yesterday and now Max's other ear is infected and both of Daisy's ears are infected plus her lungs area crackling now.  Oye.  More medicine for those two.

Three of the boys are playing ball this year.  So far I've only gotten the schedules from two of the teams and I can already see that I am going to have to clone myself as a lot of the games are at the same time but on different fields.  This should be interesting, to say the least.

Minnie went to the dentist yesterday and had two baby teeth pulled.  She asked me if the Tooth Fairy would be bringing her two surprises since she had two teeth :)  She was pleasantly surprised when she woke up today to find a Webkinz carrier for her old, raggedy Webkinz (the one she drags with her everywhere) and also a cute little stuffed Hedgehog.  Minnie is such a good kid that the Tooth Fairy thought it was okay for a little indulgence this time ;)

This past month has been full of stress for me...from a near tragedy with one of my children,  3 flat tires, and various kid illnesses (fun times, ha!).  I knew that I had been stress eating but I had NO IDEA  exactly how much damage I had done.  Well, I figured it out yesterday and am now resolving to be much more mindful about what I put in my mouth.  It's time...I MUST be in better shape for my birthday in October.  It's a big one and I'm determined!!

Okay, need to switch laundry, make lunch, and put a special two year old girl to bed.

Here is a picture of Minnie wearing her new glasses the first day she got them.  They are pink, of course.

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