Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring in New York?

Yesterday was actually a warm day!  That is amazing, my friends.  It snowed the day before Easter and I was appalled.  Where am I living?  I don't think I'll ever get used to this cold climate.  I definitely miss the beach.

But, since the day was warm and lovely, I decided to take a nature walk with Daisy and Truman.  Truthfully, I was just trying to waste time and burn off their energy after Daisy's dentist appointment but it sounds better if I say that I wanted to take them out just so they could do some exploring ;)  I have a good Mama friend that inspires me with all of her nature frolicking so I totally pretended that I was her yesterday and that we were living in sunny California (Miss L, you know I'm talking about you!)

I got a picture of Truman doing what Truman does (that is never stopping for a single second)...and whomever thought putting little stampers in the treasure box a the dentist office was a good idea should have their head examined.  I will be cleaning purple stamps off of Daisy and Truman for a while...or at least until I find the hidden stamper and throw it in the trash ;)

Daisy enjoyed playing on the trampoline for a bit and had a big smile to prove it

After the trampoline she moved to her favorite swing on the swing set.  This child has more expressions and is more animated than any other child I have ever seen.  Let's face it, I've seen a lot ;)  She is a royal crackup and brightens my day everyday.  However, I will say that I can tell that a little bit of Truman is rubbing off on her.  She's starting to act like a wild animal sometimes.  In the dentist office today there was the CUTEST little red headed girl in a beautiful smocked bishop dress with a big white hairbow that was climbing up on all the furniture, acting wild, yelling, etc.  I don't know who she belonged to but her mom surely should be able to control her better than that.  Ha!  ;) 

In other news....I'm heading to New Jersey near the beginning of May to do a photo session.  I'm pretty excited about this session as I adore the mom and her family is beautiful.  I can't wait to capture them with my lens.  I'm hoping to meet up with another friend and her family while I'm there.  I can't wait!

We'll also be making a family home to Indiana in July.  I'm booking sessions for that trip, too, and will have final dates once Sam has his leave approved.  The sessions I have tentatively scheduled will be a blast, too.  I am lucky to love what I do!  



Tafferty Designs said...

Gorgeous kids and gorgeous photos Lea! :-)

Tabea said...

Hi Lea, I just found your amazing blog! You are a great photographer - and I enjoyed reading your posts too. I´m going to subscribe your blog right now!
Warm greetings, Tabea

leaslooks said...

Thank you, Judith and Tabea :)